*POCSmom’s Insight: 5 Reasons Why College Is Worth It

Cliché: Live and learn.  
POCS Reality: College provides academic, extra-curricular, and career opportunities.    


College is worth it and here are 5 reasons why: 


In summary:

  1. $-Certain majors earn more.
  2. $-College degree is an education investment with a high rate of return.
  3. $-College graduates earn more even in jobs that don’t require a degree.
  4. $-College degree gives a competitive edge in the job market.
  5. $-College provides knowledge and can be affordable.

 POCSmom’s Insight: Affordable colleges are worth the money.

  • Fill your college list with schools that have the programs, activities, and location you want.
  • Compare financial aid awards from the colleges that offered admission.
  • Attend the most affordable college that has the programs, activities, and location you want with the best chance for future success.  

*POCS: Parent Of a College Student

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