*POCSmom’s Insight: College Cost Perspective

Cliché: Cost it out.  
POCS Reality: You can estimate your college costs.    


It can cost more to take care of your baby than to send your eighteen year old to college.

That’s what the NACCRRA (National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies) found in a majority of U.S.states in their study Parents and the High Cost of Child Care: 2011 Update:

“In 36 states, the average annual cost for center-based care for an infant was higher than a year’s tuition and related fees at a four-year public college.


For example, the study (see Appendix 6) found tuition and fees at a public SUNY (State University of New York) is $5,790 but the average New York child care center for an infant costs $13,650. In addition to states, the study also included Washington D.C., where infant day care reached a whopping $18,200 compared to $7,000 in public college costs. At the opposite end is Louisiana with average costs of $5,900 and $4,727, respectively. The lower number is for college tuition and fees.

POCSmom’s Insight: Costs for caring for and educating children at any age is rising but tuition and fees do not tell the whole cost story of college cost of attendance (COA).

Room and board, books and supplies, transportation and personal expenses add to the expense. Colleges estimate their COA and invite you to calculate your estimated college costs with a Net Price Calculator. Anticipated financial aid is subtracted from the college’s COA. The difference is what you will have to pay out-of-pocket. However, your college costs may be higher than a hypothetical average student’s COA if your classes have higher priced textbooks, higher program fees, and extra required equipment. Certain costs are not factored in such as parent travel and borrowing costs. The financial aid estimates may be off, too.

That’s why POCSmom developed the POCS COA:


POCSmom’s field is not infant care expenses, but there are ways to reduce your college costs to make it more affordable for your family. It all starts with a successful college list:


*POCS: Parent Of a College Student

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  1. These are shocking statistics! If possible, enlisting family members to help with watching children will help with child care costs. It also makes distance education and online classes a lot more attractive for moms!

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