*POCSmom’s Insight: New Way College Professors Teach

Cliché: Old school.    
POCS Reality: College professors use new methods and social media to enhance learning.      


What’s the best way to learn? According to this research, it’s not the lecture way most of us have been taught:


The teacher standing in front of the class and writing on the board is so old school because it relies on short-term memory.

To maximize conceptual thinking, peer teaching is a new approach.

It’s teach by questioning, not teach by telling.

Here’s how peer instruction works:

  1. Students read class material before class and answer questions including what confuses them
  2. In class prof gives brief explanation of material and asks a question
  3. Students answers go directly to prof’s laptop via mobile device
  4. Students talk/instruct to each other about the question
  5. Prof asks students to answer the same question again
  6. Repeat process

Watch the video about Harvard Physics Professor Mazur and his interactive teaching method.

POCSmom’s Insight: What’s old is often new again in the teaching world. The Socratic Method, named after Greek philosopher Socrates, used questions to encourage critical thinking and enlightenment.

The important thing is for students to get their money’s worth from their college education. That means they are interested, excited, and motivated to learn and the professor is willing, able, and understands how best to communicate his knowledge.

*POCS: Parent Of a College Student

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