*POCSmom’s DIY Insight: To Go College or Not To Go To College

Cliché: School of thought.    
POCS Reality: Although it pays to go to college, it pays more to go to the best fit and affordable school.

To go to college or not to go to college? How would Hamlet answer that question?

The case for and against college is revealed in a series of 10 interesting charts:


  • 5 charts show the value of college is growing because of the close relationship between education and employment.
  • 3 charts show the value of college growing but slowing.
  • 2 charts show the value of college is falling because of lower wages and higher student loan debt.

POCSmom’s DIY Insight: The value of education can be measured in numbers (financially) and in knowledge (insight).  Employers know this, studies show this. To maximize the financial benefit of a college degree, college-bound students should consider the cost of borrowing and repayment amounts prior to taking out education loans.

As for Hamlet, to go or not to go to college? Before he died, he attended school in Wittenberg.

*POCS: Parent Of a College Student


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