College and the Economy

Cliché: Come to the rescue.    
POCS Reality: Colleges are knowledge power houses that can offer solutions to public problems. 


We have seen what happens to towns when businesses (largest local employers) downsize or go out-of-business. It may be that colleges will play the role of heroes rescuing local economies. New York State is determined to find out according to this article:

How institutions of higher learning can better fit into the New York economy should become more apparent through the 10 regional economic development councils that Gov. Andrew Cuomo established this past summer. 

POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: Colleges are both think tanks and businesses. They are a “natural resource” so why not tap into all that professorial knowledge and experience? Add in brainstorming from eager to learn and creative students and let the ideas flow. Meanwhile, colleges will continue as an employer of people with diverse skills. They hire professors to teach in the classrooms, food service workers to cook in the cafeterias, counselors and medical personnel to care for students in the health centers. Landscaping, sanitation, security, administrative, secretarial, library, information technology, athletic, research, laboratory, arts, music, are some additional fields requiring staff and managers. I’m looking forward to the plans showing how colleges can help rescue the economy.

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