College Essay-Think Twitter

Cliché:  In short.    
POCS Reality: Students write college essays for admission and scholarships.


When writing college admission and scholarship essays, students are wise to heed this economizer: do more with less.

Most colleges require admission essays as do many scholarship contests and they often come with word limits. Go over and the penalties can range from the essay reader stopping at the word limit or disqualifying the essay altogether.

This New York Times article describes the 500 word limit on the Common Application, used by more than 400 colleges and universities as their admission application form, and student struggles to follow it.

Use this link for my  3 top essay-writing tips and this one for 4 more tips from Essay expert Alan Gelb.

Scholarship expert Monica Matthews also has some essay-writing advice about how to win college scholarship contests.

Students may already have mastered the talent for brevity. Social media requires users to be concise by imposing maximum number of characters used per posts. For example, Twitter has a very short 140 character limit.

POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: Students should follow the rules such as word count and deadlines, and use skills gained from social media posts and tweets to create their college essay messages.

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