Ice Cream on Campus

Cliché: Sweet tooth.    
POCS Reality: College is full of ice cream lovers.


Frost is on the ground, a cold wind is blowing, but I still prefer my dessert served cold and so do thousands of college students. I’m talking ice cream and the wonderful parlors that sell it.

I tour colleges and speak with administrators, professors, parents, and students to stay current but I haven’t been to a college that didn’t have a favorite spot that offers a form of frozen delight on or near campus.

Parlors may have standard flavors or those available for a limited time. Sometimes ice cream scoops are seasonally based. Pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, salted caramel-these are some flavors of fall.

On a recent 40 degree night, I enjoyed a kiddie-sized cup of pumpkin pie ice cream. Mmmm. I may go back next week to try a version of frozen hot chocolate.

What’s your favorite parlor/flavor? Tweet or post your answer.

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