POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: Plagiarism

Cliché: Copycat.    
POCS Reality: Colleges watch out for plagiarism.


Not more cheating- first the SAT scandal and now a plagiarism disgrace. According to  Turnitin’s infographic about its Plagiarism Report:

“We live in a digital culture where norms around copying, reuse and sharing are colliding with core principles of academic integrity.”

The infographic also mentions that 55% of college presidents surveyed by the Pew Research Center believe plagiarism is increasing.

 An article in GOOD Education highlights a finding that 7.99% of high school papers contained uncited text from Wikipedia. The number was higher for college papers-10.74%.

Aside from the plagiarism issue, GOOD points out the info reliability problem of using sources such as Wikipedia as authorities.

Speaking of information sources, a comment under the GOOD article points out the sponsor of the Plagiarism Report has a special interest in finding plagiarism. Turnitin sells to educators, colleges, and students a product to detect plagiarized material in class assignments, college essays, scholarship essays and other writings.

 POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: Is it ignorance not to understand the difference between copying and paraphrasing? Is it laziness not to find an authoritative info source and then cite it? Education is expensive so why not do the work and get your money’s worth? If students have any questions, they can keep their integrity intact and ask their professors for help. The bottom line is plagiarism is cheating.  

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