Best College Prep Starts in Middle School

Cliché: Teach school.    
POCS Reality: College prep can start in middle school.


Middle School is the new focus of college prep. According to Education Week:

“A rise in college- and career-readiness programs targeted at middle schoolers, particularly disadvantaged ones, has been spurred by mounting research that shows middle school is a key time to improve the academics and attitudes needed to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.”

 ACT’s 2008 College Readiness Report finds that “the level of academic achievement that students attain by eighth grade has a larger impact on their college and career readiness by the time they graduate from high school than anything that happens academically in high school.”

It takes a village to create successful college and career readiness programs with schools, parents, and community working together. Going beyond coursework and standardized tests, students employ planning and organizational skills to:

  • Set goals
  • Learn what is necessary to achieve goals
  • Work towards goals

There are both federal and state college readiness programs for middle schoolers.

Read the full Education Week article about some state programs and their promising results.

POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: If students are taking advanced/honors classes in middle school, their grades may be on the high school transcript sent to colleges. Giving middle schoolers the tools to succeed form life-long positive habits they can use in high school, college, and beyond.

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