10 Things High School Students Can Do Over Holiday Break

Cliché: Turn a profit.    
POCS Reality: High school students can make their holiday break profitable.


Sure your college-bound high school student needs to relax, regenerate, and refresh before starting another semester but how many hours does it take before boredom sets in?

Why not put some of that precious free time to good use and start something special?

Working Opportunities:

1. Earn some money College is expensive so a little extra cash is a good thing. Job search at local businesses, contact your local Chamber of Commerce, ask former employers, look online, go to your high school guidance office, and ask family and friends to help you. Or start your own business.

 2. Add experience Some work is more valuable than the money earned, if it is related to a field you’re thinking of studying. Consider an internship, even if unpaid, for the work experience.

 3. Volunteer Community service benefits those you serve and yourself. Try for a position related to your interests. For example, if you are interested in the medical profession, volunteer at a local hospital; interested in teaching, contact a local school, library, or child care provider. Many national charities have local offices.

 4. Complete a special project Now is a great time to do what you put off but always wanted to do. Maybe you have an unfinished project. Perhaps you’ve been yearning to work on your hobby or pursue a special activity. Create a schedule, plan your time wisely, and accomplish your dream.

5. Network Join a professional group and start networking. Find a local chapter for junior members and attend meetings. Business cards are easy to print yourself, go online or watch for special offers from local office supply stores for free or low cost options. Include your name and contact information. You can add a personalized description related to your group such as Magician for a Magic Society, or Editor of School Newspaper for a writer’s association. Dress and act professionally, hand out your cards to adult members, and get known.

 6-10 Learning Opportunities:

 Visit my colleague Suzanne Shaffer (Parents Countdown to College Coach) for 5 more Things High School Students Can Do Over Holiday Break.

 Suzanne is a college prep expert and online college-bound “coach” helping parents navigate the college maze with the proper tools/resources including a FREE parent tips newsletter

 POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: Add your work experiences and accomplishments to your resume including memberships in professional organizations. Before you go back to high school, get contact information for future references. Send to colleges you applied to your updated resume. Use your free time wisely and make your holiday break profitable and helpful.

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