No More College Roommates

Cliché: I want to be alone. 
POCS Reality: College students have a choice of campus living quarters from traditional doubles to single room suites.


More students prefer a single room to double occupancy and colleges are happy to comply, according to a article.  

Living in a strange place with a stranger was an expected part of the college rite of passage. Adjustment to campus, classroom, and cohabitors was assumed.

Now, more dorms are being built with suites containing single bedrooms, common living/dining areas, and a bathroom. This recognizes student preferences and decreases potential roommate conflicts concerning rising and retiring times, activity and noise levels, visitors and alone time.

Single room suites do not tell the whole building/renovation story. As I tour colleges across the country, I’ve seen suites decked out with all the trimmings: washer/dryers, walk in closets, wall-to-wall carpeting. Furnished suites can include sofas, dinettes, entertainment units, full-sized beds, computer desks, and dressers.

Freshly painted walls and professionally cleaned surfaces are often completed prior to occupancy. After move-in, some suites include periodic house-cleaning services and others provide fully equipped kitchens stocked with stainless steel appliances that rival any home channel makeovers.

POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: College competition is fierce, costs are rising, and high-priced living quarters are one reason. Single room suites are often more costly than traditional double or triple rooms with a common bathroom down the hall. It’s a sweet suite deal for those who can afford the price of the room but all students may bear part of the financial burden…if the college absorbs building costs in its tuition/fees.

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