How College Can Improve Ice Cream

Cliché: Flavor of the month.    
POCS Reality:  So many ice cream flavors but there are just two in a twist.


When it comes to soft ice cream, I’m a big fan of the twist. That way I get two deliciously entwined flavors. As I visit colleges and each campus’s fave parlor, I find the variety of flavors has exploded. What I need is a multi-twist and I call on college students to make it happen.

 The problem

The twist has not kept up with technology. The number of flavors has increased so it has become ever more difficult to just pick two. When the decision has finally been made, inevitably the twist machine’s pairing is different.

What if I want to mix more flavors? Say, red velvet cake, chocolate peppermint frozen hot chocolate, Bananas Foster, and coconut custard pie? Or cinnamon apple strudel, berry cobbler, Dulce de Leche, and sweet cappuccino? The twist stops at two.

 Not a solution

The last time I complained of my dilemma, I was directed to a serve yourself parlor. Although my dish was filled with all of my choices, my cup runneth over. I’d much prefer a pre-measured twist dose that fits my belt notch and budget.

 This is the solution

Attention college students, engineers, inventors, and ice cream lovers everywhere-your challenge is to create a multi-twist soft ice cream machine. Problem solved.

 POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: I’m wondering if there are now more ice cream flavors than college students…

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