College prep from 2011 to 2012

Cliché:  Come to the aid.    
POCS Reality:  College prep can help the college-bound get into and pay  for college.


Twas the night before New Years and celebrations abound,

And college apps have been filed by the college-bound.

The essays were written and the recommendations sent,

In hopes a college admission offer is meant.

Visions of getting in danced in each student’s head,

While parents voiced other concerns and said,

“Admission is one thing but what of the cost?”

If we can’t pay for college, all will be lost.”

The Feds heard their cries and came to their aid,

With a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

File the FAFSA, the FAFSA, the FAFSA’s the one,

For grants, student loans, and work/study programs.

FAFSA soon is released, January 1st is the day,

Get your records together and be prepared to say,

“We filed the FAFSA early to have piece of mind,

College financial aid awards are what we’ll find.


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 POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: As 2011 fades from sight, Happy 2012 to all, and to all a good night!

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