How the last 6 years prepares you for success

Cliché: A recipe for success.    
POCS Reality: Certain skills are necessary for success.


Time may fly but knowledge gained from experience can last a life-time and prepare you for success in the years ahead.

 I just read What 15-years as a stay-at-home mom taught me about entrepreneurship and I thought about the college-bound.

What skills have students learned that are critical for college success?

From middle school through high school, here are essential skills for success the college-bound have learned:

  1. Listen Whether it’s paying attention to parents, teachers, employers, siblings or peers, students know when to tune in for vital info.
  2. Question “Why” may be the most common query of the young but asking the right questions to find sought after answers is a skill that students practice.
  3. Adapt A plethora of cliques dominate the teen years. Meeting, mingling and managing co-existence with many styles and personalities is key.
  4. Adjust With new privileges come new responsibilities. Students must follow the rules and adjust to new situations.
  5. Creative Essays, papers and projects require research and thought. Whether alone or in groups, students create new material.
  6. Resilience Teen years are filled with highs and lows. Keeping perspective means balancing conceit and disappointment
  7. Manage time Homework, clubs, sports, friends and family claim attention. Fitting all commitments in before deadlines is crucial.

POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: Abilities to listen and question, adapt and adjust, maintain focus and create within deadlines are life skills. Add in financial savvy (some students may already have this) and these skills can lead to success in college and beyond.

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