7 Habits that lead to Spectacular Failure

Cliché: Kick the habit.    
POCS Reality: Certain traits can derail college success and lead to failure.


There are skills that can lead you to success and habits that can doom you to failure.  I was reading the Forbes article The Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives  and immediately thought of similar traits in the college-bound.

Colleges look for leadership abilities in their applicants but students must be careful to avoid the dark side. Here are 7 habits that can lead to spectacular failure:

  1. Conceit Top grades, stellar test scores and glowing recommendations illustrate high achievement that attracts attention. However, smugness and arrogance can derail this fast track to college success.
  2. One-dimension Relying on academics only takes students so far. Colleges also want their campus filled students who demonstrate a strong passion in an extracurricular activity or interest.
  3. Know-it-all Life-changing opportunities await students in college. Making snap decisions, before weighing all the pros and cons or asking for advice, can lead to disaster.
  4. Bullying Competition, jokes and pranks can be fun or destructive, good natured or spiteful. College campuses are more sensitive than ever to hazing and harassing.
  5. Show-off College campuses are a community. Negative attention can lead to a bad reputation that is difficult to shake.
  6. Self-doubt Lacking confidence and low self-esteem can hinder maximizing your college experience and taking full advantage of your higher education opportunities.
  7. Inflexible What works in the past may not thrive in the future. Change may not be easy but may be necessary to get back to the path for college success.

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POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: If any of these traits describe you, now is the time to ditch the habits that can lead to spectacular failure and start planning for college success.

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