Outside scholarship search: 4 unexpected rewards

Cliché: It’s a win-win situation.     
POCS Reality: Students can gain more than $$$ when they apply for college scholarships.


To pay the skyrocketing college bill, students can apply for financial aid. However, the exercise of applying for outside scholarships can bring unexpected rewards besides the chance to win money.

Private outside scholarships are sponsored by businesses, fraternal organizations, employers, high schools, groups and individuals.

Here are 4 ways, besides winning the $$$, applying for scholarships can help students:

  1. Vested interest When students win a scholarship, their work contributes to paying for college. Students who are committed to their education are motivated to achieve-especially if they have a financial stake in the process.
  2. Hone skills Research, following directions, time management and writing are valuable skills college students need to succeed. To be eligible to win scholarships, students have to find them, fill out applications correctly, fulfill scholarship requirements and meet deadlines.
  3. Competitive spirit Scholarships are usually contests. Students have an opportunity to showcase their accomplishments and sportsmanship.
  4. Network Contacts are important. Keeping a list of connections can come in handy.

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POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: Students should explore all avenues to help pay for college and include applying for financial aid and searching for outside scholarships. Parents can help students organize and track their applications. There are scholarships for prospective and current college students. Parents and schools can plant the seed of college attainment from an early age so students can nurture the dream and be ready to apply for scholarships.

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