What the collegebound can learn from Class of 2013

The graduate. Photo by David Goehring CarbonNYC

‘Tis the season for college graduation and the 2013 class is joining the workforce. What the job market looks like is the subject of the infographic pictured below.

The college-bound and job hunters should pay particular attention to the middle of the infographic for two reasons.

  1. Location College grads often continue to live and work near their college alma mater. The college-bound may want to consider these locations when choosing a college to attend.
  2. Qualifications The 5 top personal qualities that employers seek are listed. These qualities will help applicants achieve goals before, during and after college.

SpareFoot.com, the largest online marketplace for self-storage, presents some figures that shed some light on what the future holds for the Class of 2013. Taken from a number of different sources, this infographic should give recent graduates a good preview of what they can expect out there in the real world.

College Class of 2013 Storage Infographic
Produced by SpareFoot. Copyright 2013.

Summer plan for parents of college-bound

School Stops for Summer: Learning Never Should!

School Stops for Summer: Learning Never Should! Photo by Wesley Fryer School Stops for Summer: Learning Never Should! | Flickr – Photo …www.flickr.com

Mastering a complicated and overwhelming college process while enjoying some summer fun can seem like an impossible balancing act for parents of the college-bound.

The good news for parents of teens is they don’t have to be expert jugglers. All it takes is a little planning and some great activities.

Read on for 7 summer to dos for parents of the college-bound

2 huge ways Facebook helps college-bound


Facebook Photo by Public Domain image by Skander, Facebook | Flickr – Photo Sharing!www.flickr.com

Parents, there is an upside to your college-bound kids using Facebook, Twitter and  microblogs. A recent study shows it’s good practice for making spontaneous and memorable remarks. This skill will come in handy when students are called on to write college essays.

It’s nice to know that a recreational activity can help prepare students for a specific part of college prep.

Turns out it’s the easy, breezy style of natural human speech that makes the difference in helping people remember. For college-bound teens, the audience that counts is college admission test graders and college admission officers. This is a group ready to find a piece that stands out from the crowd.

Using a casual voice honed from microblogging’s spontaneity, students may be able to write a memorable college essay.

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Time to review safety as Hofstra mourns student slain

Hofstra skyline

Hofstra skyline. Photo by public domain by its author, Dan14641 at the wikipedia project File:Hofstra skyline.jpg – Wikimedia Commonscommons.wikimedia.org

It’s a parent’s worse nightmare and it happened in a suburb on Long Island. Hofstra junior Andrea Rebello was slain Friday during a home invasion in her off campus residence.

The tragedy occurred two days before a ubiquitous college joy: college graduation.

Read on for the grim facts, graduation grieving, and going forward with a 10 step review of basic safety procedures for on and off campus living.




Is college a love match or a consumer purchase?

Love Sculpture at Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA

Love Sculpture at Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA. Photo by By Montgomery County Planning Commission 7630695750_394e547aa1_b.jpgwww.flickr.com

There are many variables involved in choosing a college to attend. If the goal is to find the best higher education choice out of several thousand possibilities, should students look for their love match or search for a smart consumer purchase?

Parents of the college-bound know the stakes are high. College costs are steep but college grads have a better financial future. Parents want to see stars in their student’s eyes when their college choices are named. They want their child to be happy and excited to take advantage of their higher education opportunities.

Students want to feel a connection with their choice colleges. Initially it may come because the school is a name brand, friends are attending, or the student had a memorable college visit. The college-bound want to proudly wear their college T-shirts. In teen time, a four+ year commitment to earn a diploma represents a huge chunk of their young adulthood and therefor, their identity.

Although they may not be invested in a college decision based on money, the fact is most students take out loans to finance their education. Many parents dig deep in their pockets and also borrow to afford their student’s college bill. The impact of these financial choices may not be felt until after graduation.

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The college prep threat

Multitasking as college prep threat.

Multitasking as college prep threat. Photo by Beezum (Benton Greene) http://www.flickr.com/photos/beezum88/2220050655/

Recent studies show that multitasking is a major threat to learning. When it comes to homework, frequent social media use spreads student attention too thin. This is troubling news for parents of the college-bound.

College prep is homework that will determine college options from choosing the right schools to getting grants/scholarships to help pay the college bill. The choice impacts student lives from the friends they will make, the courses they will study, and the career path they will follow.

Studying for standardized college admission tests, researching colleges, applying for scholarships and preparing admission/financial aid applications require full strength concentration. Halfhearted efforts can lead to costly mistakes.

Read on for the studies and the college-bound tech plan solution.