The college prep threat

Multitasking as college prep threat.

Multitasking as college prep threat. Photo by Beezum (Benton Greene)

Recent studies show that multitasking is a major threat to learning. When it comes to homework, frequent social media use spreads student attention too thin. This is troubling news for parents of the college-bound.

College prep is homework that will determine college options from choosing the right schools to getting grants/scholarships to help pay the college bill. The choice impacts student lives from the friends they will make, the courses they will study, and the career path they will follow.

Studying for standardized college admission tests, researching colleges, applying for scholarships and preparing admission/financial aid applications require full strength concentration. Halfhearted efforts can lead to costly mistakes.

Read on for the studies and the college-bound tech plan solution.

One thought on “The college prep threat

  1. “I think kids coming into college should know what to expect, considering I had no clue and no one ever told me how hard and stressful it would actually be. It would have been nice to have had a heads up.” – Raven, College FreshmanThis statement from a college freshman perfectly sums up the reason CollegePrep-101 was created in 1997 – to help students prepare for and succeed in college. We believe the more you know about what to expect when you get to college, the better prepared you’ll be to deal with it, whatever it is.