Wednesday’s Parent: Social media makeover

Social Media makeover. Photo by Kathleen Donovan

Social Media makeover. Photo by Kathleen Donovan

I’m beginning to think of the social media community as life in the fourth dimension. When time is added to our real three dimensional world, our past, present, and future social media virtual selves exist simultaneously. Everything that was and is posted and pictured can pop up in one fell swoop.

Whether you are a parent or student, it’s probably worth your time to take a look at yourself the way others can and be ready for a social media makeover.

Here are the who, what and why for a social media makeover:

Who needs a social media makeover

If you use social media, you should engage in some self-reflection by reviewing your information. Think of social media as the new calling card. Ask yourself if you like what you see, does it pass the Grandma test, and how to better portray your image.

What is a social media makeover

You can’t give your social media a new hairstyle and outfit but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a makeover. After reviewing your postings, photos and profiles, remove, rewrite and self-censor going forward if they don’t enhance your personal brand.

Why social media makeover

Employers, teachers, college admission staff, relatives, friends, foes, and strangers may have access to your postings. If they can harm your future prospects, you need a social media makeover.

A poor social media impression can be devastating but a bit of self-monitoring can provide a fresh look and outlook for your social media makeover.

Read on for Suzanne’s social media suggestions.


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