Wednesday’s Parent: 6 great examples to cure Senioritis

Cures for Senioritis

Cures for Senioritis

If you are having trouble getting motivated to get back to work after the December holidays, you may be suffering from seniorits.  This troubling “disease” is usually associated with high school seniors but the joy of the passed holiday season, vacation breaks, and winter doldrums can afflict parents and students of all ages.

Take a cue from six great examples to get well quick and cure senioritis:

  1. Darwin High school seniors fixated on the following fall, dream only of college admission. But letting current grades slide may turn into lost college credit for college level courses or rescinding of college admission offers. Senioritis may also strike at the job performance of other students and of parents where the stakes are also high. Take a cue from Darwin’s evolutionary studies and adjust to the new normal. Direct attention to planning and organizing a daily schedule to refocus for living in the present.
  2. Twilight Zone A huge reason for high school seniors’ senioritis is the feeling of being in suspended animation or biding time until reaching the next milestone. Other students and parents may also feel bored after the holiday frenzy. But time is precious and shouldn’t be wasted at any stage of life. Step out of the senioritis version of a Twilight Zone episode and back into reality. There is so much more to learn, accomplish and make a difference, now.
  3. Survivalists High school seniors, other students and parents plagued with senioritis may be listless, tired and inattentive. There are a plethora of survivalist television shows that demonstrate motivation to keep going despite adversity, evaluate current resources to maximize their usefulness, and devise creative ways to survive and thrive.
  4. Olympics Lack of energy is a big symptom of senioritis for students and parents. The XXII Olympic Winter Games begin on Friday, Feb. 7 and Olympic athletes embody the antithesis of lethargy. Get inspired and get moving by getting involved in a favorite sport, exercise or activity.
  5. LOL Seniroitis victims often suffer from a pervasive sadness. High school seniors, other students and parents could shrug off those blues with a hefty dose of hearty laugher. Late night talk show monologues, comedian performances, stage comedies, joke books, the funnies, sitcoms and comedic movies may bring on belly laughs, clear the mind, and encourage positive attitudes.
  6. Search and rescue High school seniors, other students and parents may feel temporarily lost with seniroitis. There are many heroes of 2013’s disasters who saved themselves and others from catastrophe. Shake up stale routines with a twist on search and rescue skills. Finding the fun and planning something special may be just the remedy to cure seniorities and get back to business.

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