Wednesday’s Parent: Taking college prep action

Take College prep action. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

Take College prep action. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

It should be contradictory that when there’s lots to do, inertia can set in. Where college prep is concerned Newton’s Law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, explains it perfectly. So when stress and uncertainty overwhelm your student to the point of a work slowdown, it’s time to reassess.

It’s all about getting a student’s game plan on track. This requires inspiration to motivate and fun to get vested in the process. It’s about getting back to the basics for a love of learning but with a targeted goal.

Here’s the college prep action plan:

1. Brainstorm Start by brainstorming a wish list of interests. What one thing would your student enjoy learning now and what would she like to do with the knowledge? It could be finding something new or reinventing an old passion. If she loves to read perhaps your daughter would like to become fluent in a foreign language to read an untranslated version of a special book? If your son is a science fiction fan, perhaps he would enjoy learning about robotics? Or perhaps your child is a puzzle solver ready to do some research to find answers?

2. Match Next, match the interest to an academic subject. Is there a school class, club,  extracurricular activity, professional association or local college that can help your student develop his interest? Also encourage your student to speak with a school counselor, academic advisor or teacher for suggestions.

3. Act Divide the goal into steps that must first be attained. It’s easier to manage, more satisfying to see progress and a great way to record this learning adventure. Success is a great motivator so celebrate each accomplished action before taking the next step.

With a renewed excitement for learning and a demonstrated interest, students are ready to go for a higher level of education, search for colleges they connect with and score well on standardized tests. To tackle these additional college prep tasks, students may use this 3 easy step college-bound time management plan. 

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