Wednesday’s Parent: 4 college prep nightmare scenarios

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.06.23 PMDoes the college process scare you and your student, stress you out until your hair stands on end, and keep you up at night with worry? It could be the beginning of a long nightmare ending in a poor college choice, transferring and losing credits, dropping out altogether and huge student loan debt with no degree to show for it. The frightening part of these nightmare scenarios is parents may be the ones that set the plot into motion if any of the following seem familiar. The good news is it’s not too late to rewrite your story! Here are four college prep nightmare parent roles and the scenarios:

Frankenstein’s Father: Projecting their desires and expectations onto their offspring is the skill of Frankenstein’s Father. He knows what he wants and what he wants for his teen. What his teen wants is not his concern.

Mummy Mom: All wrapped up with her own troubles, it’s almost impossible for the Mummy Mom to move. Thoughts of college costs and parent-student separation anxiety freeze her into inaction.

Werewolf Parent: The way Werewolf Parents deal with the unknowns of college choice and costs is by using their animal enhanced sense of hearing. Instead of getting the facts from expert advice, Werewolf Parents heed the opinions of whoever they overhear while standing in line at the market or getting a hair cut.

Zombie Parent: Unfilled dreams motivate Zombie Parents to seek fulfillment through living their college-bound’s lives. They take over the college process, want to write the college essays, dominate college visits, and constantly contact college representatives.

By empowering students to figure out their academic, extracurricular, career and lifestyle goals, parents can turn nightmare scenarios into attainable college dreams. When students are motivated to lead the college process, they become vested in the outcome and more likely to do their best.

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Tonight is Wednesday’s Parent night (the fourth Wednesday of each month) on #CampusChat, Wednesday, October 29, 9pm ET/6pm PT. We will talk with Paul Hemphill, College Admissions Counselor and TV personality, about the scary side of college prep. Paul, a Vietnam veteran, has a degree in philosophy and over thirty years experience in marketing. He has been “selling” students to colleges for the past thirteen years. Paul has authored two books and two DVDs on college. Please join @SuzanneShaffer and me-@pocsmom with our guest @vCollegeAdvisor and bring your questions and comments.

RECAP: Don’t worry if you missed any great tricks or treats from our chat. We have a transcript of #CampusChat 10/29/14: Scary side of college prep with Guest: Paul Hemphill, College Admissions Counselor and other college experts, parents and students.


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