Wednesday’s Parent: 3 ways to consider college location

3 ways to consider college location. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

3 ways to consider college location. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

Like for real estate buyers, location is a main issue for the college-bound and their parents. Location affects costs and desirability for both house and college hunters. However, for those composing a college list, there are three different ways to consider college location.

1. Consider college location as neighborhood opportunities. Urban, suburban and rural communities offer different chances for internships and employment, depending on local businesses and government offices. Student housing options are affected by on and off-campus residence choices. Cultural opportunities and social events vary with nearby attractions, museums and theaters. Recreational and sporting possibilities depend on terrain including nearby arenas, slopes, parkland, forests and water. Weather may create seasonal activities.

2. Consider college location as ease of visitation. Distance and position between home and campus impacts travel arrangements for students coming home and parents visiting the college. Cost and time for traveling also varies by method used like train, plane or motor vehicle. Then there are the added expenses of meals and lodging. Every location has different options that can accommodate certain numbers of people. Family Days, moving in/out and graduation may limit available resources.

3. Consider college location as relocation. Only 59% who started in a four-year Bachelor’s program in 2006 graduated by 2012, six years later, according to the latest government study. After spending up to half a dozen years learning, socializing and working in one place, many students grow attached to that community. They may also have developed networking relationships with mentors and local businesses. When a job offer is extended, many accept.

College location is important on many different levels. It is one of three main criteria for forming a great college list. Casting a college application vote explains the necessity for the college-bound to find their college PALs. The “L” in college PALs stands for Location.

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