Wednesday’s Parent: College prep New Year spoiler alert

College prep spoiler alert

College prep spoiler alert

Common folklore ushers in the New Year with dreams of new beginnings but these idyllic hopes can rot the very core of college prep. Students have an academic, extracurricular and social history that can’t be ignored. A fresh start, by its nature, emphasizes the now without incorporating previous accomplishments. Meanwhile, successful preparation for college builds on the past, enhances strengths, and fortifies weaknesses. Without considering what was, students are at a huge disadvantage when considering what will be.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. It’s okay to take stock and want to improve via a host of good-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions. However, for most people, these fail before the end of the first month of the year. What a waste of time and renewed energy!

In College-bound can nix New Year’s resolutions for this, I suggest students pick one thing within their control to focus on and change for the better. Read the article for specific suggestions that are geared to achieving both college and career goals. They are based on the categories of changing a personal characteristic, daily life activity, or learning something new. By choosing one thing, chances are this positive modification will become a permanent practice. And it’s common knowledge how hard it is to break a habit!

Parents of the college-bound can use the same resolution substitution idea zeroing in on one thing to change. Wednesday’s Parent: Emotion management 101 has five key areas to choose from that will make a big difference and Wednesday’s Parent: 3 ways to prep middle schoolers for college prep can be adapted for use with high school students. If you haven’t already begun your own parent-student team, now is the time to get going. In Wake-Up Call for Parents of the College-Bound, the mechanics are detailed.

Lots of changes are coming as the parent-child relationship morphs into a parent-adult child relationship. Parents can smooth the way for the new family dynamic that is growing the same time students are entering the college admission process. Enjoy your front row seat to the birth of a brand new adult!

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