Scholarship Mom Alert: Life Lessons College Scholarship Program

Scholarship Mom Alert, Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

Scholarship Mom Alert, Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

College prep is about opening a teen’s eyes to future possibilities. The last thing the college-bound want to think about is human mortality. Sadly, there are college-bound students who are preparing for higher education after the loss of a parent. They encounter another layer of stresses and issues on top of the usual college prep anxiety.

College Scholarship Expert Monica L. Matthews has found a scholarship that can can alleviate some of their financial pressures. She says, “A total of $225,000 in scholarship money is available.”

Read Monica’s post:

 Life Lessons College Scholarship Program

for details about eligibility and the application. Pay close attention to her Winning Tips. Fortunately, most students do not qualify for this scholarship. If you are one of these, please share this info with someone who does.

Good Luck to all applicants!!!

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