Scholarship Mom Alert: Dave Ramsey’s Financial Literacy Challenge

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I absolutely love double benefits and this scholarship is a win/win for the college-bound. What better way for encouraging mastery of the essential skill of financial literacy than a chance to win college financing? Dave Ramsey’s Financial Literacy Challenge does both.

I wrote Too many lack this essential college-bound skill because financially illiterate college students are taking out student loans and the student debt crisis is impacting college graduates’ ability to buy homes and establish a desired lifestyle. The article includes my tips for taking action and how parents can help.

Financial literacy will help students when they apply for the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Literacy College Scholarship Challenge. College Scholarship Expert Monica L. Matthews is highlighting this scholarship contest in her post:

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Literacy College Scholarship Challenge

Monica’s Winning Tips will also give students an edge to win one of the many prizes including a $36,000 college scholarship.

Good Luck to all applicants!!!

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