Wednesday’s Parent: Interviewing the college interviewer

Interviewing the college interviewer. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

Interviewing the college interviewer. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

Interviewing the college interviewer can seem odd to a teen looking to make a good impression on an adult. However, student questions are expected and probing ones beyond the info contained in marketing brochures and the college website demonstrate a higher level of student interest. Plus the student gets a chance to learn more about the details that can influence the decision to keep or lose a college on the list.

Begin by treating the college interview as a job interview for the position of student. Do the research and come prepared to market oneself as an asset to the student body. While college representatives are sizing up their prospective candidates, students get their own opportunity for scrutiny. Keep in mind it is in both of their interests to learn more about each other.

Another tip is to learn about the interviewer’s college background. He may be a recent graduate of that school who can share his own personal campus experiences. Base other questions on student must haves or don’t wants. Here are some topics to consider:

  • Ask questions about the size, priority and benefits of a certain program in relation to other campus offerings.
  • Delve into the popularity of a particular club including the events/activities (frequency and location) they sponsor.
  • Pose queries about the school’s uniqueness, strengths and weaknesses that make it stand out against it’s competitors.

The college interview is a great chance for students to find out more about how a potential college will meet their educational needs while helping them achieve their goals. Get the interviewer’s contact info to submit further questions and to thank them for their time.

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