Who is POCSmom? She’s the alter ego of Wendy David-Gaines who comes to the rescue of college-stressed families with DIY info and expert insights. Now where did I put my cape?

Who are POCS and pre-POCS?

  •  POCS      = Parents Of College Students
  • pre-POCS = Parents Of College-bound Students

POCSmom calls POCS: the college condition parents are proud to have.

My Specialty: To provide DIY information and expert insights that makes the college process less stressful and more fun, I lecture and write for college-bound students and their parents.  Topics range from forming a successful college list to life after college. Taking a family-based approach, I created the POCS™ COA (parents of college students cost of attendance) to include those missing college expenses, so families know what they have to shell out-of-pocket that financial aid does not cover. I also crack the admissions and financial aid codes, cover the college parent balancing act (family hierarchy vs. adult child), and spell out ways students can maximize the value of their diploma and add to their resume. And there’s more: first night (night before college), college care packages for students and parents, visits, Freshmen 15, social media and communication. Whew and that’s just the beginning! Parents and students can survive and thrive. So let’s have some fun and learn something!

My Story:  I have a legal background and started in the field of college finance about a decade ago. I began lecturing and writing about college matters, emphasizing financial aid. As college costs and college competition escalated, my audience of college-bound students and their parents wanted and needed more information about the admission process and college life to better prepare for what lay ahead. In 2010, using my professional and personal experiences (successfully putting two children through college) I launched my new book and lecture for the college-bound and their families so they can learn what to expect, do and avoid.

My Credentials: I’m the founder of www.pocsmom.com, author of Parents Of College Students survival stories, and a lecturer/writer. My undergraduate degree A.B. cum laude is from Franklin & Marshall College. Graduating in the top quarter of my class from New York Law School, I received my J.D. While practicing law for private and public entities, I found my passion in writing and lecturing. I am a member of professional organizations that focus on higher education and college finance, and through them volunteer at local and nationally sponsored college fairs. Libraries, PTAs, high schools, businesses, and organizations sponsor my seminars. To stay current, I tour colleges and speak with college professors and administrators, students and parents.