*POCSmom’s Insight: College Class of 2015

Cliché: Frame of mind.  
POCS Reality: Good luck College Class of 2015, to build your college knowledge into a better future for self, community, and country.     


College Class of 2015, how would you describe yourselves? What’s on your mind? What motivates you? What made you, you? And most importantly, what and how will you contribute to society?

Born in 1993, your world has always contained the Internet, Amazon, and electric cars.

Here are 75 examples from the Mindset List of the Class of 2015 according to Beloit College:


POCSmom’s Insight: Our past experiences influence our perceptions, and time flies. Plan to mix academics with extracurricular activities and business with pleasure to make the most of and enjoy your college years. Good luck Class of 2015 as you gain college knowledge and put it towards making our world a better place.

*POCS: Parent Of a College Student