Wednesday’s Parent: College and career game plan

College and career game plan. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

College and career game plan. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

Emphasizing student goals during the college search process is the working backwards approach I described in my article, 2 opposite ways of nailing the college search. For those who are certain of their career plans or at least what they want to do first, this method to prioritize student objectives can help them find colleges that best prepare them for grad school or the work place.

When researching schools, concentrate on what they offer in and out of the classroom. Learning opportunities include formal in classroom and informal out of the classroom options. Consider academic majors and classes, mentorships, internships, service learning, study abroad, co-ops, club memberships, community service, research programs, and other work experiences. Also, think about what the schools emphasize and how their graduates fare.

As time passes during the college process, to stay focused on objectives, periodically measure choices against goals for a personal college and career game plan. It’s okay to revise goals but don’t forget to reassess college choices accordingly. The ultimate aim is to graduate on time to minimize college costs while gaining valuable knowledge to enter the job market and begin a self-supporting adult life.

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