Colleges sponsor free and low cost fun

Cliché: Have fun.
POCS Reality: Students and the public can take a break and enjoy the fun activities and events your local college sponsors.

Adelphi University Outdoor Sculpture Biennial 2010 - 2012


Looking for some free or low cost fun? Go to the calendar page of a local college. Schools sponsor events and activities for students and many are open to the public.

If you’ve finished filing your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to help pay for college, you may be ready to relax and reward yourself. Would you like to take in a show, enjoy a concert, learn something at a lecture, view an art exhibit or cheer on a sports team?

Don’t forget to check out campus architecture and landscaping. There may be opportunities to stroll or hike through gardens, arboretums or bird sanctuaries. See if you can spot treasures like outdoor sculptures or specimen trees.

From opera to ballet, from theatre to recitals, from athletics to workshops, colleges can sponsor a wealth of entertainment choices.

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POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: Colleges are more than a place that educates students. They are a vibrant cultural marketplace offering free and low cost events for its students and the public. Go ahead and find some fun!