Back to college surprise that costs little but means lots

Parents can add something special to the back to college shopping list that costs little but means lots. It is a small surprise that will help students deal with stress and homesickness and provide a way to make new friends.

This is especially important to help students adjust to a new school and a new place to live. Bump up the “assist” by making the present a surprise. Hide the gift where you know it will be found after you leave.

Photo by Zeus Box (Kuswanto)

Here what to include in your back to college surprise package:

1. Photos Framed or loose, family photos are a reminder of good memories and people who care.

2. Toy A blow-up beach ball, bubble stuff or flying disc are great examples of interactive toys that bring smiles and relieve stress.

3. Snack Nothing helps makes friends faster than sharing yummy goodies. Sweet or savory, a delicious snack is always appreciated and helps break the ice!

4. I factor Here’s where the student’s personality and preferences determine the present. Music, reading material, games, and videos are all possibilities but so are adding to a collection or hobby.

5. Note This is where parents can put the thoughts they were too choked up to say when they dropped their student off. Take the time to provide words of support and encouragement. It may be a letter that gets read and reread!

Congratulations parents! You have just given your first college care package!

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