*POCSmom’s DIY College Prep Insight: College Bottom Line is Finish Line

Cliché: Crossing the finish line.    
POCS Reality: In order to earn the maximum benefits of going to college, students must earn a college degree and graduate.


To the victors belong the spoils and studies show this applies to educational achievement. That means if attending college is a race, graduating is crossing the finish line.


College degree benefits include better jobs, money, and knowledge. Dropping out drawbacks include loss of educational investment and student loan debt.

POCSmom’s DIY College Prep Insight: Finish what you educationally start. If your initial choice isn’t working out:

  • Think why- adapting to college life issues, too much partying and not enough studying, work load too difficult, can’t afford the expense?
  • Seek help- depending on the reason, different professional sources are available on and off campus to help you succeed including counseling, tutoring, and financial aid staff.
  • Transfer- because sometimes to succeed, you have to take another path. Another school may be a better fit now based on your program, activities, location choices and budget concerns.

The earlier you recognize you have an educational problem, the faster you can correct it. No one asks where you started, just where you earned that college degree. Get the maximum college payback: finish college and graduate.

*POCS: Parent Of a College Student