How college libraries help students graduate

Cliché: Help out.     
POCS Reality: College libraries can help students graduate.


You filed your FAFSA, applied for scholarships, and are planning how to pay for college but once you’re in, will you leave with a diploma?

Besides money to pay for college, what major factor helps students graduate? It’s bigger than a breadbox, often taken for granted, and is the campus knowledge keeper. If you answered the college library, you are right and here are 7 reasons why:

1. Free academic resources College libraries store or can obtain information upon request for any topic students are researching. Classics, recently released studies and rare book collections can be viewed for the asking to help students ace their papers and exams. Can’t find want you want? Ask a librarian for help.

2. Study compatible Students seeking a quiet refuge or study group meeting space can often find a comfortable spot in a study carol, comfortable chair or private room. Explore your library for the best spots and policies for reserving rooms.

3. Special events/exhibitions Check your college library’s calendar for art, music, photography and literary collections that are ongoing or upcoming. Speakers, readings, panel discussions, seminars, workshops, performances and special gatherings may be hosted.

4. Bargains Before you shell out big bucks for a book you want to purchase for your home library, browse a book sale.

5. $ search Information about finding and applying for scholarships, internships, jobs and starting your own business can supplement the college Financial Aid or Job Placement Offices’ assistance.

6. Eye candy Inside and outside, libraries can be beautiful structures. Check out the architecture and decor of these 25 most beautiful college libraries and spend some time with yours.

7. Fun Sometimes you just want a break from studying and want to read a good book for fun. Borrow your choice and relax.

POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: It is up to students to take full advantage of college libraries to help them focus on their studies and graduate on time. College libraries are a must see on a collegecation (college visit + family vacay) and ask about the exhibitions/events open to the public.