College Placement Tests-The Ugly Truth

Cliché: Rest on your laurels.    
POCS Reality: Colleges can require admitted students to take college placement exams. Colleges can rescind offers of admission.


Sending in your college applications and getting ready to relax for the rest of your senior high school year? Don’t slack off because you’re not in a college classroom yet. Colleges may require students to take college placement tests (CPTs) before signing up for courses. Colleges can also rescind an offer of admission if your GPA takes a nosedive.

Many schools require students to take CPTs in core subjects like math and English before permitting them to sign up for courses.

Colleges provide college placement tests to incoming freshmen to determine how ready they are for college level work at that school. The penalty for not doing well impacts both time and money. Students may first have to take costly remedial non-credit classes before taking courses that are credited towards their diploma.

Q: Why test?

A: To show the probability of college success.

However, whether or not this test assessment works is being questioned. Read more: The Unchecked Power of the College Placement Test

Colleges may want to monitor your senior year grades and can revoke an offer of admission for poor academic performance in stark contrast to your prior levels of achievements.

POCSmom’s College Prep DIY Insight: Take action against senioritis. The college-bound can ask colleges on their list what CPTs are given at that school and in what subjects. Whether or not standardized tests (SAT, ACT, CPT) measure the probability of college success, if colleges require them, college-bound students should be prepared to take them. Possible revocation of college admission offers and College Placement Tests are good reasons for students not to slack off in their senior year.