Wednesday’s Parent: 3 surprising reasons to consider community colleges

Check out your local community college. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

Check out your local community college. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

If you haven’t visited your local community college, take a look. It may be a surprisingly good choice for your student. Here are three main reasons why:

Earn a B.A. More states are permitting their public community colleges to offer bachelor’s degrees. This broadens the fields of study and program selections available. California is the latest state to allow students attending it’s traditional two-year schools to earn a four-year degree. It follows “20 other states – from New York to Hawaii – [that] currently offer bachelor’s degrees in certain fields, particularly in the sciences and applied or technical professions,” according to U.S.News

Get free tuition. The White House has proposed free community college making higher education an addition to public K-12. Tennessee has implemented a guarantee of two years of free community college for its residents and several states including New York are considering it, too. There are some strings like maintaining a minimum grade point average. Check to see what your state is doing. While legislators debate the issue, the cost of current community college to state residents remain an education bargain in comparison to the cost of a four-year public or private institution for two years. Read this for more about What parents must consider about free community college.

Gain an admission advantage. Competition can be tough to get into an elite four-year school. Doing well at a community college can make a student a more attractive applicant. Plus competition can be less keen for transfer students. Read more in Finding your competitive advantage as a transfer student from USA Today.

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