Scholarship Mom Alert: Cell Phones for Survivors College Scholarship

community Service Scholarships. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

community Service Scholarships. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

Students lacking community service or wanting to add another project to their college application resume will want to take a close look at the Cell Phones for Survivors College Scholarship. That’s because the application for this scholarship is basically a community service project to aid domestic violence programs.

College Scholarship Expert Monica L. Matthews explains, “This college scholarship requires students to do ONE basic thing:  Collect old cell phones from friends, relatives, fellow employees, and anyone else they can get to donate to the cause.”

Materials in cell phones can be recycled and resold for a profit to help those suffering from domestic violence. Scholarship applicants have a chance to win a $10,000 scholarship by collecting cell phones for programs providing safe housing that gives women in violent relationships the option to leave. Monica provides all the details and her valuable winning tips:

Cell Phones for Survivors College Scholarship

Good Luck!!!

*POCSmom’s Insight: Community Service and College

Cliché: At your service.  
POCS Reality: There are many opportunities to perform community service before, in, and after college.


FACT: You are under college stress.

FACT: There are people in worse shape than you.

FACT: You can help others and lose your stress.

BONUS: The extra benefits of community service can ricochet back to the student giver. 

Before college

When listed as an extracurricular activity on a college application, or described in a college essay, community service can show a prospective student’s worthwhile use of valuable and limited free time. It can also highlight traits college value such as abilities, dedication, and leadership.

In college

Colleges offer many opportunities for students to continue to help others through internships, class work, and independently on their own. Here’s an example:

After college

Community service projects can maximize the value of a student’s diploma and add to his resume while supplying networking contacts to get that job.

*POCS: Parent Of a College Student