Scholarship Mom Alert: Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship

Not texting and driving can lead to college $. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

Not texting and driving can lead to college $. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

It’s a given; parents worry about their children. As they get bigger, so do the issues they face. If there is anything that can help reduce the risks as they grow, it merits close attention. Here’s a suggestion that can also lead to money for college.

Last month College Scholarship Expert Monica L. Matthews found The Zebra Safe Driver Scholarship that combined awareness of the risks of texting while driving with a college scholarship contest. This month, Monica is adding the Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship which has a similar goal but requires a tweet length writing rather than a longer essay for the first part of the application. Later, the selected finalists will get their chance to write an essay.

Many of the college-bound’s hands seem to be glued to their mobile phones wherever they are and whatever else they are doing. The texting while driving risk is there even for students who won’t have a car on campus. They can borrow a friend’s car or use the family auto when they are home. Many college campuses make it easy for students to rent a vehicle for long or short trips.

Let your child know about the scholarships available that can keep the issue of safe driving fresh in their minds. Read Monica’s post containing the application details and her Winning Tips in:

Don’t Text and Drive College Scholarship

Good Luck to all applicants!!!