*POCSmom’s DIY College Prep Insight: College Students and Energy Drinks

Cliché: Pick and choose.
POCS Reality: College students like other adults, have choices and should choose wisely.


Two college students on campus are tired and thirsty and one asks the other, “How about getting a Red Bull?” For a day, that question couldn’t happen. On September 26th the University of New Hampshire (UNH) announced it would no longer sell energy drinks as of January 2012.

The next day UNH announced its decision to delay its prior decision. Then the initial decision was abandoned altogether.

UNH has successfully eliminated trans fat and reduced sodium in campus food options so why the brouhaha about energy drinks, like Full Throttle, Red Bull and NOS?

Rationale for Ban

UNH’s goal is to be the number #1 rated healthiest campus and it has concerns about students mixing energy drinks with alcohol:  

In an effort to further its mission to be the healthiest campus community in the country by 2020 and keep its students safe, the University of New Hampshire will no longer sell energy drinks in its retail and vending locations beginning in January 2012.

…Research found that energy drinks can contain up to 300 times the amount of caffeine that the FDA allows for soft drinks, which is especially dangerous because caffeine increases the risk of alcohol poisoning by making people feel “less drunk.” In addition, students who mixed alcohol and energy drinks reported double the incidence rates of injuring themselves, requiring medical attention, and being taken advantage of sexually than those who drank only alcohol, according to a recent report by College Student Educators International.

Rationale for Repeal

No one else was on board. Students wanted to continue buying and drinking energy drinks and energy drink companies wanted to continue selling to satisfy this demand. In addition, there was a campus history of Red Bull sponsored campus events, product donations, and samples.

In delaying the ban decision, UNH President Mark W. Huddleston:

cited conflicting evidence about the health effects of consuming the beverages, as well as student reactions to the just-announced ban… I want to be sure we respect our students’ ability to make informed choices about what they consume.

POCSmom’s DIY College Prep Insight

Does this college energy drink ban/abandoned ban remind anyone else of Prohibition/repeal? Lesson learned-again.

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*POCS: Parent Of a College Student