5 surprising results from choosing STEM vs. Humanities major

Super students aren't super human (Superman by James Vaughan, x-ray delta one )

Super students aren’t super human (Superman by James Vaughan, x-ray delta one )

“Show me the money I can make,” is the new demand by college students.

The high cost of college and securing a financial future influences parents and the college bound’s school and college major choices. When economic reports show the most lucrative careers are rooted in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields, families pay attention. However, the popularity of STEM has led to five surprising results that prove super students are not super human:

1. Humanities are suffering at all school levels.

2. Student literacy is down with poorer reading, writing, speaking and analytical skills.

3. Many students put in the work hard for STEM majors but don’t get the grades they expected.

4. Many students are dropping STEM because they are not satisfied with their low grades.

5. College becomes even more costly because switching majors often adds extra courses and postpones graduation to meet requirements for new field choice.

Then there is the stress caused by these results.

When varied sources come to these conclusions, it’s time to reevaluate. The sources include research studies from the sciences, reports form the humanities, professor experiences and job authorities.

Read on for more info and how to best prepare for choosing a major.