What’s in your college autobiography?

Cliché: Actions speak louder than words.     
POCS Reality College-bound, in college or out of college, your choices lay the foundation for your future success.


If you were reading your autobiography, would you, the main character, be a coaster or a catalyst in your life story? Whether you are out of college, in college or college-bound, your answer describes your life’s path.

Life is not all about smooth sailing. There are rough seas, too. Does adversity stop you in your tracks or spur you on to success? Will you take full advantage of the opportunities ahead or sit back and enjoy the ride?

Last night, 18-year-old Samantha Garvey, a Long Island semifinalist in the Intel science competition, attended President Barak Obama’s State of the Union Address in Washington, D.C. She’s a homeless teen who continued her studies despite her family’s financial troubles stemming from a car accident that injured both of her parents. Garvey accepted the invitation to attend extended by her congressman, Rep. Steve Israel. She also met with top administration science advisors and other officials.

Garvey’s story is a lesson on self-motivation.

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