Best way to get a ‘good job’ with a college degree

Finding college and career fulfillment Photo by TheDeliciousLife

Finding college and career fulfillment Photo by TheDeliciousLife

Something is very wrong in the American workplace when almost 80% of employees are ambivalent or strongly unhappy with their job. Worse, those with higher education are more dissatisfied. However, there is a clear way to improve the odds of job fulfillment and finding “a good job.”.

Today, Gallup released a study that shows, “American workers with a college or postgraduate degree are slightly less likely than those with a high school diploma or less to be engaged at work.”

I recently posted 5 surprising results from choosing STEM vs. Humanities major. I included tips for choosing a major based on an in depth personal evaluation of interests, skills and talents.

Yesterday, Career Happiness? First, Discover Your “My Three Things was posted by a person who had several career changes and many different jobs. On TheSavvyIntern blog, Ted Coine gives an introspection plan to jump start college and career.

How “good” a job is depends on the degree of connection between worker and work. How to best find a strong employment engagement starts with choosing a college and a field of study that best matches personal passion and aptitude.

While employers figure out how to make their employees more content, students and job-seekers can increase their own chances for “a good job.”

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