Wednesday’s Parent: 6 antidotes for spring fever

Antidotes to spring fever. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

Antidotes to spring fever. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

First senioritis then spring fever. These are the two non-medical maladies that plague students and their parents. I provided 6 great examples to cure Senioritis and now I’m giving you 6 antidotes for spring fever.

1. Smell the roses If you find yourself easily distracted and less productive than usual, take a break. Whether you are a high school student loaded with college prep and school work or a parent juggling home and job responsibilities, time is too precious to squander. Set aside a specific amount to refresh and come back ready to focus and complete the task.

2. Tiptoe through the tulips Seasons may change but work loads don’t always follow the calendar. With more daylight comes more energy. If you are feeling a bit restless, use some added pep outside and then be ready to come back inside reinvigorated.

3. Violets are blue Spring is known for replacing winter blues with a happier mood. Use the feeling of renewal as inspiration with a fresh look to review goals, complete current commitments, choose a college, decide on what to do this summer and further on into the future. Make a plan to achieve your objectives.

4. Find a four-leaf clover Take a cue from Mother Nature as she revels in new growth and look around to find something new to enjoy. Whether it be an entirely different thing or delving deeper into an existing interest, enjoy your learning experience.

5. What’s up buttercup Love is in the air in spring. Turn some of those warm and fuzzy feelings toward appreciating those that care and support you. Smile more to other family members, offer to help and don’t be afraid to ask for aid, too. Love is after all, a two way street and more may be accomplished with joint efforts.

6. Oopsy-daisy Sometimes when you can’t beat ’em, you join ‘em. When you find yourself longing to be outside, grab your work, find a quiet spot and do it outside. You can work on a laptop under a tree or climb it to read a book on a sturdy limb. Lay a blanket on the ground and do some studying or take a walk listening to a prerecorded lesson. It’s about combining what you want with what you have to do.

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