Wednesday’s Parent: Summer projects clog brain drain

Summer. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

Summer. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

Parents, students and teachers dread the anticipated brain drain that occurs during long school breaks. Although it may be inevitable that some facts will drip out, skills don’t have to be lost and others can be strengthened. Summer projects can clog the brain drain and be of particular benefit for the college-bound.

Summer is a great time to create a life-long learning balance between work and play. That includes celebrating accomplishments and filling the schedule with downtime.  Share the following with your teen to explore options that will hone interpersonal and academic skills, add to their college admission resume, and have some summer fun.

8 skill-building job ideas for college-bound students lists eight jobs “tailor-made for the college-bound to gain soft skills, maybe earn some extra money, and build a resume for future careers to impress employers.”

An unusual school break college prep plan shows seven ways to prepare for college “whether students are traveling or staying put.” 

Wednesday’s Parent: 6 unexpected bonuses from summer reading provides six surprising benefits from reading. “There is a physical or virtual book, periodical, newspaper or article to suit every genre and some will cross over. For example, readers of a mystery novel set in 19th century London may be challenged to figure out the puzzle while picking up some historical tidbits about a foreign country. Something from the craft section may spur entrepreneurial talents leading to creation of a new business.”

7 summer to dos for parents of collegebound gives seven things parents can do to help their children “get the jump on college planning” while having some fun.

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