*POCSmom’s DIY College Prep Insight: College Students Love Affair With Social Media

Cliché: Stay in touch.    
POCS Reality: College students stay connected via the Internet.


What is the main focus of a college student’s attention?

  1. College classes
  2. Frat parties
  3. College football

 Actually none of the above-this was a trick question because a recent study found the Internet is the love of college students’ lives. The Cisco Connected World Technology Report dated September 11, 2011 conducted an online survey of over 1400 college students ages 18–24 and over 1,400 employees ages 21–29 between May 13 and June 8, 2011 in 14 countries including the U.S. What they found was-of college students and young professionals:

Roughly half of Students (49%) and End Users (47%) consider the Internet to be ‘close’ in importance to water, food, air, and shelter in their lives; and one-third of respondents in each subgroup consider the Internet to be as important as these critical needs.


About two-thirds (64%) of Students would prefer to have access to the Internet versus a car—driven by significantly large proportions of Students in China, Japan, India, and Germany.

Hear Tom Gillis, vice president at Cisco, talk about the next generation of workers and technology.

A cynic may think virtual reality is replacing reality but why not have the best of both worlds?

POCSmom’s DIY College Prep Insight: The internet is the way more and more people around the world are communicating, networking, and socializing. Soon, more folks than not will have lived their entire lives connected virtually to others, mixing business with pleasure. Consider it the next frontier and explore. Just maintain some balance and get up to smell the roses, do some exercise to stay fit, and stay engaged with those in closer proximity. Bonus: balance can help avoid the Freshmen 15.

College students and the rest of us can benefit by using social media responsibly.

*POCS: Parent Of a College Student